ABC Robotics provides robotics related services for the automotive industry and for the home and service robotics industry.

Automotive Industry

  • Work cell calibration for robots.
  • On-line industrial robot programming of Kuka / Fanuc /ABB robots.

Work cell Calibration

We perform work cell calibration for robots accurately, efficiently and cost effectively using our in-house developed Aquilla™ measurement system. We are also good at solving odd problems such as finding a valid car 0 frame for existing hand taught programs to satisfy car manufacturers' strictest standards.

We measure for Kuka / Fanuc / ABB and other robots:

  • Car Zero (Car0).
  • Tool Centre Point (TCP).
  • Bases for external tools.
  • Car0 in gripper.

Home and Service Robotics R&D

We develop custom solutions for our clients in different areas such as land or aerial robots, industry and homes including office automation. For more information please contact us.