About Us

At ABC Robotics, s.r.o. we specialize in mobile and industrial robotics. We love designing, building and programming robots.

We worked in factories of 8 car brands on 3 continents and performed thousands of affordable, high accuracy car zero frame, external tool base and tool center point measurements. We are also strong in R&D with projects involving measurement systems, robot arms, mobile robots, robot cars and aerial robots.

What we do in more details:

  • software development for mobile robot navigation.
  • industrial robot coordinate frame measurements for the automotive industry.
  • industrial robot programming.
  • development of an industrial robot coordinate frame measurement system.
  • robotics related software and hardware prototype development.
  • administration for other tech companies - we are especially good at communicating with Germany companies.

We are delighted to:

  • support the SBK Samorin U11 girls basketball team.
  • support the local high school's robotics class.
  • give robotics workshops to the local elementary school (due to Covid the workshops are on hold at the moment).

ABC Robotics, s.r.o. was founded over 10 years ago by Dr. Albert Diosi. In his career Albert programmed powerful industrial robots for car manufacturers, won the first ever robotics competition in Slovakia, earned a PhD (while winning the award for the best thesis) in mobile robot navigation at Monash University in Australia, did a post-doc in IRISA/INRIA Rennes in France with robot cars, worked in England on a famous robot vacuum cleaner, been a reviewer for top robotics journals and conferences and was the national surf champion. A list of Albert's publications can be accessed here.